Mushrooms have always been popular in the gourmet world for their unique taste and nutritional value.

About mushrooms

The high protein and dietary fiber content of mushrooms also make them recommended for vegetarians and vegans. We offer a wide range of frozen mushrooms available all year round and fresh mushrooms available seasonally. Both natural and cultivated mushrooms thrive in Slovenia so you can find both on our shelves. And here’s an interesting fact: Eastern cultures swear by the healing effects of mushrooms, which is why they have been used for medicinal purposes for more than 2000 years.

O gobah
Mushrooms are composed mainly of water, the remainder being a source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, folic acid, and vitamin D.
Almost 3 000 species of mushrooms grow in Slovenia, of which 505 are edible.

Offer of mushrooms

We also offer other well-known mushrooms whose origins and uses range from the eastern countries to European and domestic soils.

Zamrznjeni jurčki

Frozen porcini mushrooms

Frozen porcini mushrooms are one of the leading products of Modima d.o.o. The freezing process preserves the porcini mushrooms' freshness, texture, and taste.
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Gozdne gobe

Wild mushrooms

Wild mushrooms include swifts, foxes, mourning doves, warthogs, and goat's trotters. The aromas of frozen and fresh mushrooms are a testament to our selection of first-class natural delicacies.
Gobe z gamberi

mixture of mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms, prawns and courgettes. In addition to mushrooms, our company also offers tasty mixes that combine forest and sea flavours.
Gojene gobe

Cultivated mushrooms

Cultivated mushrooms are a type of mushroom widely used in the kitchen. Among them, we offer mushrooms, shiitakes, beech oyster mushrooms and stump mushrooms.
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