Modima website uses cookies to provide a better user experience, security and smooth operation of the website. All your data will be stored securely, in accordance with applicable law and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (from now on GDPR) until the end of the processing or until you revoke it.
What are cookies?
The Modima website uses cookies to ensure a better user experience, security, and smooth operation of the website. All your data is stored securely, following current legislation, and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (from now on GDPR) until the end of the processing or until your cancellation.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that most websites store on the devices of users who use them to access the Internet. Their storage is under the full control of the user, as he can restrict or disable the storage of cookies in the browser he uses.
Why do we need them?
Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly online services. The most common e-commerce functions (such as adding products to your shopping cart, making a payment, and entering your shipping address) would only be possible with cookies. Cookies make the interaction between the web user and the website faster and easier. They help the website remember the user’s preferences and experiences, which saves time and makes browsing more efficient and enjoyable.
Most websites use cookies because they provide a convenient way to keep content up to date and relevant according to the interests and preferences of web users. Website operators can assess the effectiveness of the design of their websites, as well as the relevance of the type and number of advertisements they offer to users on their websites, based on statistics about website traffic, which is also made possible by cookies.
Types of cookies
Modima also collects personal data when you visit their websites, through cookies, in order to provide better functionality and user experience, security, smooth operation of the websites or portals and counting the number of users on the website or portal. Modima uses the following cookies:

Mandatory cookies

These are cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the website; without them, it would not be possible to send a message over a communication network. These cookies enable user-friendly online services and a better user experience and do not require consent.

Advertising cookies
Third-party plug-ins and tools used as cookies enable features, help analyze the frequency of visits and use of websites. If the person does not agree to them, cookies will not be set and some interesting features of a particular website will not be available.

How can I manage cookies?

You can also control and change your cookie settings in your web browser. Please select the web browser you are using to get information about your cookie settings.

If you want to delete cookies from your device, we recommend that you follow the procedures described below:

– Mozilla Firefox,

– Google Chrome,

– Microsoft Edge,

– Internet Explorer,

– Safari (Mac),

– Safari (iOS),

– Opera.

If you have previously agreed to the use of cookies and refused to receive cookies in your browser, your next visit to the website will be treated as your first visit. In this case, the cookie message will be displayed again.

Further questions

If you have any questions about cookies, please contact us at