Truffles are sumptuous underground mushrooms and culinary gems that are a true gourmet’s delight.

About truffles

Their journey through world history began around 1600 BC, and in 1693, the Italian botanist and physician Andrea Cesalpino classified them as mushrooms. They soon became the muse of many artists, poets and composers. Many believe in the miraculous power of truffles to act as an aphrodisiac, including the famous gastronomist Savarin, who said: “Truffles make women angry, but they invigorate men”.

O tartufih
The main components of truffles are water, protein and beneficial minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, and iron.
There are black and white truffles, which are divided into more advanced subspecies. They grow at the base of the tree roots, about 40 centimeters below the surface of the soil, and some are even more resounding.
Truffles were for some time considered a protected species and were not allowed to be collected in Slovenia, but since 2011 this is no longer restricted. Truffle collecting is considered hard work and is not recommended as the only way to earn money. In the 15th century, truffles were hunted by pigs, but today truffle hunters are assisted by trained dogs, usually of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed.

Truffle offer

We offer a variety of truffle products, consisting of black and white truffles. Our products are prepared in such a way that they are available for immediate use.

Salsa tartufata

Salsa tartufata

Salsa Tartufata is a tasty and sophisticated sauce based on a combination of truffles with herbs and oil, used to season various dishes.
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med s tartufi

Honey with truffles

Honey with truffles is a unique condiment that can be sprinkled on cheese or meat or used as a glaze for roasted vegetables.
Ekstra deviško olje z okusom belega tartufa

White truffle flavored extra virgin oil

The aromatic white truffle adds a touch of Italy to meat, omelet, or cheese.
Rezani tartufi v olju

Sliced truffles in oil

Salting and oiling the smaller pieces of truffle preserves its full flavor.
Zamrznjeni tartufi

Frozen truffles

Truffle tuber in a convenient 500-gram pack, ready for immediate use.
Tartufovo maslo

Truffle butter

Truffle butter is a type of butter that is infused with truffle flavor and pieces.
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