Salsa tartufata

Salsa tartufata

Salsa Tartufata is a tasty and sophisticated sauce based on a combination of truffles with herbs and oil, used to season various dishes. The truffles give the sauce an extraordinary flavor and aroma. Tartufata salsa is often used in pasta dishes with meat, rice, or vegetables, but it can also be used as a topping for different types of pizza or simply as a spread. Tartufata is based on a traditional recipe and is a unique specialty.

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The truffle salsa contains garlic, onions, truffles, olive oil, wine, oregano, and thyme, and the truffles are added last to the sauce to preserve their smell and taste. Our truffle salsa packaging is convenient and ensures you can use it whenever you need it. You can also read some of our suggestions for use below:


  • tartucini with tartufata sauce
  • rice with truffle sauce
  • pizza with truffle sauce
  • meatballs with truffle sauce
  • baked potatoes with truffle sauce
  • omelets with truffle sauce
  • pasta filling with truffle sauce
  • aubergines with truffle sauce


It is suitable for all types of meat, fish, and seafood but is most often used with truffles and mushrooms. It is also often used in a bolognese sauce or as an accompaniment to meat and fish. Salsa Tartufata is, therefore, an excellent choice for those who want to taste something special and sophisticated. Still, it should be used in small quantities, as overuse can mask the dish’s other flavors. 



We recommend 15-20 g of Salsa Tartufata per person. It can be used cold as a spread on bread or toast or heated as an addition to a sauce. For beginners in the culinary world, it is ideal as it is effortless to use. Still, if you are an experienced and skilled cook, you can also use it to prepare more advanced dishes with the addition of cream, béchamel, butter, cheese, oil or mayonnaise.


Salsa tartufata druga vsebina


Truffles are precious mushrooms that grow underground and are difficult to find because they only grow in specific environments. They are one of the most expensive ingredients in gastronomy and are used to enhance the flavor of dishes. Black truffles are used for the Tartufata salsa because they are more affordable than white truffles, but their flavor is just as intense and unique. They are mainly found in Italy, France, Istria, and Spain under trees such as olive, apple, and cherry … Truffles can only be harvested by hand and with the help of trained dogs, which is one of the reasons why they are so valuable.



Truffles should be stored in the fridge, in paper bags with a wet celery leaf, or a dry container with rice, as they quickly lose their smell and taste at room temperature. Their flavor is very specific and intense, reminiscent of cream, butter, nuts, wood, and mushrooms. Black truffles are slightly spicy, so they also go well with inherently spicier dishes.



Salsa tartufata vsebina
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